R&D associate


Recon AI 

Recon AI is a software company that develops machine vision assisted structural and dimensional measuring solutions for wide range of industries. We are continuously looking for highly-skilled and focus oriented people to join our team.

We are currently looking for an R&D Associate.


Tasks and responsibilities

  • Research and development of Machine Vision applications

    • Optical system design

    • Development of AI and Machine Learning algorithms for structural recognition

    • Development of mathematical models for dimensional measurement


Mandatory technical skills: 

  • Excellent understanding of the different areas of AI and Machine Learning

  • Understanding of linear algebra, basic understanding of higher mathematics

  • An understanding of the most common machine learnings use cases

  • Basic understanding of the most common measurement hardware in industry, such as pressure sensors, cameras and laser rangers

  • Full professional proficiency in English language

Beneficiary technical skills:

  • Advanced understanding of Deep Learning

  • Knowledge in TensorFlow and OpenCV and cloud environment

  • Advanced knowledge in computer vision, statistical inference or signal processing

  • Knowledge of the intersection of machine learning with other fields of data processing

If you are interested in applying to the position or have any questions, please send your application or questions to info@recon-ai.fi.