Recon AI

Recon AI observes and collects optical data, that is produced by the machine vision. Our AI is hardware-independent and able to process the data in real-time, on-site and without a constant mobile network connection. Also, it can anonymize data on-site and after all this, deliver forward only the relevant information. 

This information provides understanding and knowledge, that can be used to automatize, secure and enhance your ecosystems operations, that are based on optical sensors. As a result, you can focus on what really matters, not mechanical routines.




An optimised neural network makes it possible for AM-X to analyse large data sets in real-time. Real-time analysis makes it possible to run AM-X without large data storages.



After training the neural network on cloud, the optimised neural network make it possible to analyse data on-site with low calculation power requirements. These features makes EDGE processing possible and solve problems caused by mobile network bandwidth restrictions.

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AM-X is hardware independent solution that can be trained for any existing and new hardware in client’s ecosystems. Using data from existing and new sensors, benefits of sensor fusion can be maximised.



True to the AM-X ability of processing data on EDGE, AM-X can anonymize data already on-site. On-site anonymization decreases cyber security requirements for the rest of the information ecosystem.

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Due to optimised calculation requirement of neural network, AM-X decreases energy consumption of processing and utilises unused processors in EDGE/IOT devices. Decreased power consumption and utilisation of processors in IOT-devices smaller ecological footprint is being achieved in ecosystems.

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Recon AI is continuously working on optimising the training pipe-line of new components to new sensor data. Optimised training pipe-line makes it possible for our clients to apply AM-X on scale that benefits their ecosystem in full.



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Transportation and automotive industry is making huge efforts for making their machinery safer and autonomous - AM-X can track the motion of vehicles and estimate routes in real-time, which makes it possible to use the data for obstacle detection.

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Building 4D (real-time) digital twin of city is one of the key elements for making cities true smart cities. AM-X can provide real-time location information of different components of interests. By applying sensor fusion the platform provides 4D information for building information modelling.

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Automated asset

By relating real-time location information of components of interest to structural drawings such as CAD, AM-X can provide up-to date information of your assets in buildings and infrastructure. This information can be used as baseline for designing operations and making 5D BIM modelling reality.

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance makes it possible for our clients to allocate their resources during maintenance operations. By training AM-X to recognise faulty component and applying measurement abilities of the platform, operators can move from pre-emptive maintenance models to predictive maintenance models.

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Inefficient logistics is one of the major cost-drivers. By applying route tracking abilities of AM-X platform, all on-site logistic operations can be surveilled and optimised.

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Automation & Robotics

Automated solutions often requires applying huge datasets. Analysing these datasets with traditional methods requires huge calculation power. AM-X’s real-time, on-site processing makes it possible for training AM-X for guiding robotic systems and machines autonomously on-site with low requirements for processors in use.


AM-X™ is an IOT/EDGE-AI platform that has been developed for efficient data annotation, AI training and system deployment. AM-X is a hardware independent, modular part of client’s data ecosystem and enables building 4D Digital Twin of real world operational environment.

With EDGE-processing, AM-X is able to process large sets of data in real-time and on-site - without constant mobile network connection. AM-X solves the bottle-neck problem of mobile networks by providing only the relevant information for client’s operations. AM-X is hardware independent and can be cost-efficiently adjusted to any new hardware, which makes it adaptable for rapid development of sensor technology.

Relevant information can provide added value such as EDGE-anonymization, obstacle detection, 4D digital twin, asset management, predictive maintenance and improvement of logistics operations for client’s ecosystem. In addition, the information and sensor fusion can be used for automation of on-site operations.